Amazon Reviews


As my sales have slowly crept up and up I have become one of those sad folk, a.k.a. dedicated stats freak, who checks the Kindle and Createspace reports almost daily.

Sure the little graphs don't increase every day, that would be madness, but they do go up every so often and that is thrilling to see. Mainly because I don't know who is buying these copies. From the physical side of things I can account for six of the eight copies that have been shifted, so that is really cool. On the Kindle end of things I have moved seventeen units and I definitely can only be sure of eight of them. Which is brilliant!

The other thing that I check semi-daily is the review section on the Amazon stores. Now a few days ago I had five reviews on the Kindle copy and sure all of them were from people I know. But the thing is it was still a great way to see what people thought about the book. However it now appears that Amazon reviews can be removed by the Amazon gods themselves.

This sort of sucks the big one.

I get the reasoning behind it: a person could get fifty or sixty mates to post reviews for them and bump up the stats. However it is a little disappointing to see reviews being removed by some unseen being. An all powerful entity that goes all godly on reviews.

The reviews that were left safe and sound were made by people that have reviewed other things on Amazon previously. So it seems that if you do get friends to review your stories they have to have reviewed at least two or three other things on Amazon in order to make sure their reviews get kept.

Ah is a complicated thing.


Finished The Book - At Last


Yea, so I haven't exactly kept up the old ranting despite what I said in the last post. That's due in no small part to being one lazy asshole :). Also I think that ranting/blogging seems to be dying out amongst the pages of the interwebs. To quote one of the guys from work 'If you can't say it in one hundred and forty four characters or less then I don't want to read it!'. You could say that he has a point, but then it is an indication that things are getting worse in the world as well. Bite sized information or nothing is becoming the norm.

But I digress, because after all that's what I always did on this ;)

The main reason I am dusting off The Bauble for yet another splurge of crap from my head is because it was here that I first ranted about this topic and I figure it is fitting to come full circle with an update on the same.

I have finally gotten around to publishing my book. After writing, re-writing, editing, hiring an editor, getting others to read it, tweaking it based on their feedback I finally got the damn thing finished. Initially I tried to shop it around to some agents/publishers but one of them actually came back with the advice that I would be better just going straight to Kindle myself. Not as negative feedback or anything (although that is entirely possible as well, just very polite negative feedback) but because in his opinion I was wasting my time otherwise. With the popularity of the Kindle he said that the entire publishing industry was facing the same issues that the music industry did when the iPod first came out. They are playing catchup and not entirely sure how to.

So away I went and published it on the Kindle store. Then I went one further and created a Createspace account (owned by Amazon nonetheless) and spent the best part of a week working on a print-on-demand version for those that don't have a Kindle.

All this basically means that in about three days times I will be able to point people to eBook and Book-book versions of something that I wrote. Which is bloody huge.

Now, back about a year ago I did start a writing site which I was going to use as my main point of contact on the web for all things book/novel/writing related. But if I was having trouble keeping this site updated what chance did I really have keeping two updated? Then again, like I said, I first started to post entries about writing up on The Bauble, so it is only fitting that the post to inform the world that I completed it at long last is up on The Bauble as well.

Once I get the official links from Amazon I'll probably post another entry here.

But for now I am starting work on the follow-up. Sure how else am I going to retire and be a full time writer ;)